About Us

Sugar Craft by Rosie was formed by Rosie in 2007, to bring people and cupcake businesses the ease of creating professional looking cakes and cupcakes using gorgeous edible cake decorations, without the need or time to make the toppers themselves.

In 2005, Rosie’s first child Isabella was born, and due to her husband Steve’s work commitments, a move from Sydney to Bowral became necessary in 2006. Rosie wasn’t used to laid back country life, so having a baby and living the quiet life brought to the surface a passion that was always in her. Baking and cake decorating was always something she loved and after discovering that beautiful edible cake decorations were not so easy to find in the market, Sugar Craft by Rosie was born! Rosie and her family moved back to Sydney in 2008 and the business grew.

In 2010 Rosie’s second daughter, Olivia was born, and Rosie went from making the decorations herself, to importing the toppers in bulk from only the best suppliers, due to not being able to keep up with demand herself. Toppers are now imported quarterly and new and fun toppers are always making their way to the store. The store has been expanded to include additional cake decorating items such as baking cups, stands and transportation boxes so that all of your baking needs can be sourced from one place!

Sugar Craft by Rosie always loves hearing from customers. If you have a suggestion of edible decorations that you would like to see available in the future from the store, please email us at [email protected]. We are always open to new ideas and suggestions!